Jaeger-LeCoultre vintage watch on the wrist of Carmen Chaplin in Cannes


Actress and director Carmen Chaplin attended the amfAR’s annual Cinema Against AIDS benefit aimed at raising funds and AIDS awareness.
Radiating supreme elegance, Carmen Chaplin was wearing a vintage creation from Jaeger-LeCoultre uniting the arts of exceptional watchmaking and fine jewellery.

A High Jewellery secret watch dating from the 1960s in platinum and white gold adorned with around 119 diamonds strikes the perfect balance between beauty, refinement and telling the time.

Earlier this year Carmen Chaplin directed a short movie ‘A Time For Everything’ which pays tribute to time, heritage and reveals the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox watch of her grand-father, Charlie Chaplin, from 1953.

“I am intrigued by the fact that they have been ticking steadily for more than a century. – said Carmen referring to Jaeger-LeCoultre vintage watches.- My grandfather’s watch particularly moves me, because he gave it to my father, Michael Chaplin, his son, when he turned 14.  Then my dad gave it to my mum as proof of their love on their wedding day. It was a real good-luck charm because they have been in love now for 45 years”.

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