Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 80th Anniversary Exhibition


May 25 to 29, Harbour City, Hong Kong

Jaeger-LeCoultre “Reverso 80th Anniversary Exhibition” has welcomed all watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs to join the special event held at Harbour City from 25th to 29th May. The exhibition presented 9 splendid showcases of the legendary Reverso masterpieces, high jewellery and antique pieces of the brand. It was for the guests a great chance to appreciate this rare collection, a chance not to be missed. Here is a glance of what the guests could discover during the event: The Iconic and High Complication Jaeger-LeCoultre has invented and filed more than 350 patents over the past 178 years. When Jaeger-LeCoultre first unveiled this avant-garde innovation in 2004, the Gyrotourbillon 1 took the watch industry by storm as the first-ever spherical tourbillon. This horological microcosm is still the only mechanical device enabling a wristwatch to break completely free from the detrimental effects of gravity on its timekeeping precision. The Reverso Grande Complication à Triptyque displays three dimensions of time (civil, sidereal and perpetual time) on three faces of the legendary reversible platinum case. The watch is a unique expression of the Manufacture's total mastery of both watchmaking tradition and avant-garde technology. Reverso Ultra Thin with Classic Elegance After 80 years of celebrating classicism, the new Grande Reverso Ultra Thin turns revolutionary by focusing on extreme simplicity. The extremely diminutive width of Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 822 (at just 2.94 mm) has enabled the design engineers to build a Reverso slimmer than ever before. While the case with its generous new proportions asserts an authentic presence on the wrist, its slenderness makes it both light and comfortable to wear thanks to its subtly curved shape. The pure dial with its vertical guilloché pattern, the restrained design of the Arabic numerals, the slim blued hands: all the aesthetic codes of the Reverso are sublimated within this ultra-thin interpretation. This new watch expresses the very essence of the Reverso personality: a blend of tradition and nobility embodying an alliance of style and elegance. Enameling, the Age-old Art The most ancient decorative arts are among the precious skills that hold no secrets for the Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux. The miniature enamel painting is based on a metal plate with a translucent enamel coating to which the artist applies colours with a brush that are then vitrified. All these processes require meticulous work and patience such as firing in the kiln several times until the exact hue is reached. The unique Reverso à éclipses has been made to shine with the light of a fresh technical and artistic virtuosity. This particularly refined version of miniature enamel painting is distinguished by its artistic precision and the enduring nature of its splendidly conserved appearance. Your Personal Engraving Forming a link between visual perceptions and emotions, the case of the legendary Reverso swivel watch naturally lends itself to the expression of intimate feelings. A desire to celebrate solemn occasions... Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or special commemorations, the Reverso welcomes all manner of references conveyed through monograms, initials, dates, coats-of-arms, personal memories and magical moments – all engraved on the back of the reversible case. A tribute to artistic traditions, engraving emphasises the importance of the imagination in ensuring originality. Lacquered engraving provides greater freedom of expression and scope for fancy and subtle motifs. The engraver's approach is very similar, but the tracing performed with the burin is followed by successive firings at 90 degree, one colour after another. A palette of colours such as deep black, shimmering blue and vivid red brighten up the engraving. Jaeger-LeCoultre “Reverso 80th Anniversary Exhibition” - Reverso Series 80th Anniversary" was indeed a grand presentation of valuable watches and high jewellery.