Reinvent Yourself – the film: How often in a lifetime can we reinvent ourselves?


After the launch of the new feminine campaign in 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre is now communing with women through a new cinematographic and emotional approach: a film that can be viewed across all Jaeger-LeCoultre communication platforms.

For 180 years, the Grande Manufacture has been enriching its know-how with an incredible sense of freedom – as is testified by a stunning wealth of feminine creations.
Echoing the encounter between Diane Kruger and the Manufacture in 2009, the film aptly entitled Libre (Free) pays tribute to the unique personality of the actress. Director Fabienne Berthaud, winner of the Prix Françoise Sagan in 2011, offers her vision of women, their creativity and their energy, as admirably embodied in Diane Kruger. The latter’s inherent grace, her cosmopolitan spirit and her individual choices vividly reflect the feminine world of Jaeger- LeCoultre: a world of uncompromisingly high standards in which beauty and refinement pervade each new challenge, each new desire for something different, each beat of the mechanisms driving the creations. Ballerina, fashion model, actress… Child, girl, woman… Diane Kruger has consistently led each moment of her life with confidence and determination, continually reinventing herself while preserving the full force of emotions, of graceful charm and of elegance. She has succeeded in remaining true to herself while tirelessly seeking renewal.

A reflection in a mirror that observes time reinventing itself. A film to immerse oneself in the perpetual movement of time…

The same goes for the constantly reinvented feminine creations punctuating the history of Jaeger-LeCoultre – from the iconic Reverso through the legendary 101 watch and right the way to the new Rendez-Vous collection.