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Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Colombia

In support of the fieldwork of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Jaeger-LeCoultre organised an auction on its website from 18th to 21st April. The Prototype N° 1 of the Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea watch, the “LeCoultre Spécial Amérique 1959” commemorative edition, was sold for a final price of £16,208. The money will be donated to the Malpelo site to fund the renovation of its fleet of motor boats. This is the third such auction organised by Jaeger-LeCoultre; each one has been a resounding success. For more information, see Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna Sanctuary Inscribed since 2006 on the UNESCO World Heritage List and situated 506 km from the Colombian port of Buenaventura, the site extends over a land area of 350 ha and a sea area of 857,150 ha, reaching depths of 3,400 m. Malpelo is an undersea mountain recognised as one of the world's most important diving sites. The waters surrounding the island preserve huge populations of sharks and tortoises. The area is among the few where sightings of the smalltooth sand tiger, a deepwater shark, have been confirmed. The Malpelo terrestrial ecosystems also provide a habitat for the world's largest colony of masked boobies, numbering over 40,000. Jaeger-LeCoultre invites you to discover the photo reports and videos of the Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna Sanctuary from 13th May on the The New York Times website. For more information, visit LeClub. Picture: Yves Lefèvre