Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic: The high-tech instrument built for great feats


  • Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic

Until recently, keen travellers who are also sports lovers had to choose between two additional functions that are equally indispensable: the chronograph and a dual-time display. Today, such decisions are a thing of the past, since the Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic watch not only combines these two sought-after indications on its dials, but also provides intrepid globetrotters with an additional safety feature in the shape of its patented compression key.

Multi-tasking and high-performing

The Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic sports watch with its 46-millimetre diameter immediately proclaims its vocation as a precision instrument for sports enthusiasts who engage in feats across several continents. The indications stand out clearly against the semi-matt black dial, ensuring the perfectly readability of each item of information. Two openworked luminescent hour and minute hands point to the markers arranged around the dial. They are accompanied by a bold red chronograph seconds hand, whereas the filigree-style second time-zone hand appears to stay deliberately in the background while maintaining perfect readability in order to ensure graphic respect for the strictly hierarchical order of information. To meet travellers’ requirements, the GMT function inspired by the Home Time/Travel Time concept developed by the Swiss Manufacture is complemented by the indispensable day/night indication that appears through a window just above the Jaeger-LeCoultre signature.

Issued in a 500-piece limited edition, the Master Compressor Ceramic watch features the signature characteristic of all Master Compressor timepieces: Jaeger-LeCoultre’s patented compression key guaranteeing optimal water resistance. A single half-turn of this key effectively overcompresses one of the crown’s four toric gaskets and locks it in a security position that prevents any inadvertent operations.

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