Reverso Stories Chapter Nine, January 2012: Elodie Yung


  • Elodie Yung
By wearing a Reverso on their wrists since 1931, men and women, famous or unknown, have made their watch a discreet accessory to their emotions. In 2011, the year of the 80th anniversary of the Reverso, Jaeger-LeCoultre opened the “Virtual Museum” where all those who wish to can share their inspiration with other lovers of the Reverso across the globe. Entering the “Virtual Museum” enables one to discover the world of this legendary watch and its history. The Virtual Museum “Seen on the Wrist” page introduces outstanding personalities who share their unique stories related to the Reverso, their relationship with time and the link with the object that enables them to measure and follow it. “My Reverso accompanies me everywhere; it travels through time with me. While it is a witness to time passing, it remains ageless... to be passed on through generations”. The talented French actress has been chosen by David Fincher to play Miriam Wu in “The girl with the dragon tattoo”, the American production based on the book “Millenium”. The movie is released this month. Elodie will be seen soon in “G.I. Joe Retaliation”, where she plays ninja Jinx, to be released in June 2012.