Reverso Stories: Seen on the wrist, Chapter 4


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June 2011: Stories that open a new chapter of the Reverso Legend

Since 1931, by wearing a Reverso on their wrists, men and women, famous or anonymous, have made of their watch a discreet accessory to their emotions. In 2011, the year of the 80th anniversary of the Reverso, Jaeger-LeCoultre opens the “Virtual Museum”, a place where all those who wish to, can share their inspiration with other lovers of the Reverso across the globe. Entering the “Virtual Museum” enables one to discover the world of this legendary watch and its history. From now on, the “Seen on the Wrist” page of the Virtual Museum introduces outstanding personalities who share their unique stories related to the Reverso, their relationship with time and the bond with the object that enables them to measure and follow it. Mohammed Sultan al Habtoor Mohammed Sultan al Habtoor is an alumnus of the Royal Military Academy, the eldest son of a very prominent Emirati family whose involvement in the development of Dubai has been significant, a fashionisto, the founder of fashion “house of glaMo” and a trend setter, Mohammed’s unique approach to life, art, and fashion is contemporary; opinionated, daring and fun. “I'm a controller of my own time” “My association with this line in the region is a spot on match. The Reverso’s roots lay with the game of polo played by the British military in India in the 1930s. There the idea was born; a watch with a dial that could protect itself from shocks. I feel I relate to the line and its history through my military career and my involvement in the game of polo, in addition to the versatile character of the contemporary Reverso Line - I’m a modern Arab man, traveller with a multi-faceted personality and a wide range of interests - the Reverso timepieces allow you to express 2 moods, 2 sides of your personality, or simply 2 time zones for some models.” Pierre Arditi Pierre Arditi is an award-winning French film and stage actor. “It's a watch and jewel all in one. It's women's jewellery for her, men jewellery for him — and it's a vice which can be compounded still further by wearing two jewels at once. A Reverso watch is not something you rationalise about, it's something you feel.” Pierre Arditi wears a Reverso in yellow gold. Follow our news every day on Facebook Jaeger-LeCoultre - The Official Page and Twitter. Discover the talented authors of the new chapters of the Reverso Legend.