Jaeger-LeCoultre and ELLE present LEDA & ZEUS, A trilogy in time directed by filmmaker Ry Russo-Young


“A tale of time in three parts, inspired by the Rendez-Vous Celestial, a watch built for romantic gestures, fleeting encounters, and unforgettable moments that make every tick a thing of beauty”

Through its close affinity with the world of Cinema, Jaeger-LeCoultre has supported and paid tribute to filmmakers’creative ingenuity for many years. Celebrating 180 years of watchmaking creation, Jaeger-LeCoultre decided to partner with ELLE and cement their common passion: their love for creativity and filmmaking.
The story began on a spring day in New York during the unveiling of the Rendez-Vous Celestial watch, a meticulous piece of art inspired by the heavens. When young and talented filmmaker Ry Russo-Young discovered this deep blue dial with the spectacular vision of the sky on a lapis lazuli stone, and this shooting star symbolizing the time of a rendezvous, her film was born: the myth of Leda & Zeus and its relationship to the Cygnus swan constellation.

The Myth of Leda & Zeus: Star-Crossed Lovers

This three-chapter short film starring Kate Lyn Sheil and Joshua Elan adopts the idea of a “rendezvous with the sky” and creates a narrative in which two people meet up to experience a celestial event together.
Loosely based on Greek mythology, the constellation Cygnus tells the story of Zeus disguising himself as a swan to seduce Leda, Helen of Troy’s mother. In this variation on the Cygnus myth, Leda is the seeker. She uses the Rendez-Vous Celestial’s mobile star to guide her on an epic journey. Leda maps out the Cygnus constellation, travels the earth to find Zeus and, together, they watch the Cygnus swan constellation move through the sky.

Ry Russo-Young

Ry Russo-Young studied acting at HB Studios and Lee Strasberg Institute, and has appeared in films such as Hannah Takes, The Stairs and The Color Wheel. She majored in film at Oberlin College. In 2009, Russo-Young’s feature You Won’t Miss Me premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won a Gotham Independent Film Award. Her movie Nobody Walks premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival starring John Krasinski, Olivia Thirlby and Rosemarie Dewitt. Co-written with Lena Dunham, the film won a special jury prize at Sundance and was released theatrically in 2013 by Magnolia Pictures. She is currently writing a new film and a pilot for Bravo called Witch Hunt.

 When Jaeger-LeCoultre and ELLE interviewed Ry on the film set in the charming North Fork (Suffolk County, New York) she confessed “Every time I’m in a rural area and I look up at the sky filled with stars, or at the moon, I feel like I’m experiencing a celestial event. I grew up in the city, so I guess I never quite had the stars in that way.” Her sensitivity to the preciousness of time and the ingenuity behind watchmaking creativity undoubtedly strengthened the collaboration in a very organic way. “I was inspired by the history of the Rendez-Vous Celestial itself. […] There are only a handful of craftsmen capable of executing this level of skill. […]  I liked this very romantic notion of craftsmen in an isolated world, making time for others to enjoy. I wanted the films to have the same amount of care and delicacy I learned it takes to complete each piece.”

LEDA & ZEUS trilogy can be viewed starting on October 21st on ELLE.com and across all Jaeger-LeCoultre communication platforms…  On November 28th, a dinner will be hosted in New York to honor Ry Russo-Young’s work.


Watch the full LEDA & ZEUS story:

Leda & Zeus - Film 1    

Leda & Zeus - Film 2    

Leda & Zeus - Film 3