What is involved in a complete haute horlogerie service?

  • Entretien Care p 237

Your Jaeger-LeCoultre watch  is a high-precision instrument that operates 24 hours a day, or 8,760 hours a year. It is therefore essential to have your timepiece fully checked on average once every three years to ensure that it is in good working order and to preserve its longevity. If significant variations occur in the settings, it may be necessary to have the movement serviced.

A complete service involves the following stages:

- Full disassembly of the watch case and movement
- Case: Polishing of the case and bracelet (depending on their condition), changing the gaskets, driving in or gluing of the crystal, followed by a water resistance test
- Movement: Full cleaning of components or replacement if required, oiling, checking of the escapement fixtures and setting, reinsertion of the dial and hands
- Casing up of the movement
- Water resistance test: whole watch
- Checking the settings of the movement
- Checking the power reserve
- Checking the final functioning and aesthetic appearance

Following this service, you benefit from a one-year guarantee starting from the date at which the service was completed. The following defects are expressly excluded from this guarantee: those resulting from accidents, from improper or inappropriate handling or use, or from an intervention undertaken by unauthorised third parties.