What is involved in a maintenance service for an haute horlogerie watch?

  • Entretien Care p 184

We recommend that you check the water resistance of your Jaeger-LeCoultre watch once every two years, or prior to any period of prolonged and/or regular immersions in water.

It is true that water resistance is not a permanent condition. The gaskets that ensure water resistance may dry out as a result of the successive temperature changes to which your Swiss watch has been exposed. On the occasion of each change of battery, maintenance service or complete service undertaken on your watch, and each time the case is opened, it is essential for your haute horlogerie watch to undergo a water resistance test.
It is important not to pull out the crown to change the date or time when your watch is in water, since there is a risk that the water may seep into the case. For watches with a screw-lock crown, check that the crown is totally screwed down before entering the water.  After swimming in the sea or in chlorinated water (i.e. swimming pools), it is recommended that you rinse your watch in fresh water, and then dry it with a non-abrasive cloth.
To check the water resistance of your watch, we will undertake a maintenance service, which includes the following stages:

- Full disassembly of the case
- Case and bracelet: Cleaning by ultra-sound and protection of the case, changing the gaskets, driving in or gluing of the crystal, followed by a water resistance test
- Changing the battery if required
- Checking the settings of the movement
- Casing up of the movement
- Water resistance test: whole watch
- Checking the final functioning and aesthetic appearance

During a maintenance service, no action is undertaken on the watch movement, except for a readjustment of the setting.
Polishing is optional and is not included in the price of a maintenance service. It can only be undertaken at the same time that a maintenance service is agreed, as is also the case for replacing crowns, pushpieces, correctors and compression keys.

We advise you to entrust your timepiece to an authorised Jaeger-LeCoultre dealer, to a Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique or to an authorised Jaeger-LeCoultre technical service centre in order to arrange for a maintenance service.  
If you notice the presence of condensation inside your watch or if your watch has accidentally taken in some water, entrust it as soon as possible to our official service network.