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Magnetism is caused by frequent exposure of a watch to significant magnetic fields of various origins (mobile phone, magnetic clasp on a handbag, glasses case or wallet, office gadgets, anti-rheumatic bracelets, etc.). In watches with mechanical movements, the balance-spring can be affected by such exposure. Magnetic fields can affect the precision of your watch. We recommend that you take your watch to one of our Service Centres or your authorised Jaeger-LeCoultre retailer.   

Magnetism is due to a watch being frequently exposed to major magnetic fields of various origins. 

a.Which devices issue magnetic fields?

Nowadays, our environment is exposed on a daily basis to magnetic fields of various origins:

• Mobile telephones
• Magnetic closure systems for handbags, glasses cases, wallets, refrigerators, cupboards, etc.
• Office equipment
• Anti-rheumatic bracelets
• Magnets
• Speakers
• Landline telephones
• Televisions
• Tablet computers, iPads, etc.
• Laptop computers
• Audio and video systems MP3s
• Micro-wave ovens
• Hair-dryers
• Hi-fi equipment
• Domestic appliances
• Induction hobs
• etc.

b.What are the consequences of these magnetic fields on a watch?

The exposure of your watch to magnetic fields may interfere with its normal operation, whether it is a mechanical, automatic or quartz model. 

Although these fields are not damaging to your timepiece, their influence can affect its accuracy or even stop the watch completely.

The major effects of magnetism on a watch are as follows:

• Under the influence of a low-intensity magnetic field, a slight disturbance of the watch's normal functioning may be noticed.
• A strong magnetic field may have an effect on the movement of a mechanical watch and may alter the normal functioning of the balance spring.  Steel components are in fact more sensitive to magnetism and create magnetic fields inside the movement.  The watch's functioning could then undergo significant interference, or even stop completely in the magnetic field.
• A quartz watch may have its functioning disturbed or may lose time or even stop completely for several seconds when it enters a strong magnetic field, although it will resume its normal functioning as soon as it emerges from the field concerned. This disturbance consequently only continues for as long as your watch is at the heart of the magnetic field. 

c.How can I tell whether my watch is magnetised?

By placing your watch next to a compass. If the hands of the compass start to turn, this means that it is magnetised. 

d.What should I do if it is magnetised?

We recommend that you entrust your watch to a Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique, to an authorised Jaeger-LeCoultre retailer or to one of our official Service Centres, which are the only establishments able to carry out interventions in accordance with the requirements of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture. 

An operation called "demagnetisation", which involves no risk to your watch, will be undertaken. In the majority of cases, the setting of the movement and the width of the balance will return to normal after this operation. 

If after the demagnetisation, however, you continue to notice irregularities in its functioning, than a complete service of your watch will prove necessary.  Magnetisation may in fact not be the only cause of the malfunction. Demagnetisation is a first alternative.

e.How should I take action against magnetism?

We recommend that you avoid placing your watch near an object giving off a magnetic field, such as those mentioned above.