What does a "1000 Hours Control" mean in haute horlogerie?

  • Entretien 1000 Hours Chrono

The Swiss watchmaker submits each of its haute horlogerie watches to the stringent “1000 Hours Control”, a unique battery of comprehensive and rigorous tests lasting a full 1,000 hours.
The “1000 Hours Control” seal or legend placed or engraved on the back of your Swiss watch certifies that the latter has successfully passed all the tests relating to regularity of rate, temperature, atmospheric pressure, resistance to shocks and magnetic fields, and water resistance trials included in this programme of observation in our laboratories.
The criteria of the “1000 Hours Control” programme considerably exceed the standards of official timing tests, which deal only with part of the movement.

The Manufacture Horlogère Jaeger-LeCoultre tests not only the movement prior to its being cased up in the timepiece, but also the watch as a whole.
Your watch is thus capable of withstanding the daily stresses and strains that await it when worn on your wrist.