Aeronautics and automobiles


In 1915, three outstanding men pooled their energy to create instruments for the pioneers of aeronautics and automobiles. They were Jacques-David LeCoultre (1881-1948), Edmond Jaeger (1851-1922) and Edmond Audemars (1882-1970). Audemars was a childhood friend of Jacques-David LeCoultre, a cycling champion, and the first aviator to fly between Paris and Berlin. He would be the beneficiary of Roland Garros’s will. At 6120 m, he had just smashed the flying altitude record. Despite layers of clothing his feet had nearly frozen. Partly made in the Joux Valley, signed Jaeger, the counters, chronographs, 8 day watches, automatic pilots, and goniometers equipped the allied aviators during the First World War, and the most prestigious post-war automobiles.