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Where and when did you start playing polo?
At my grandfather's farm when I was 6 years old.

What attracts you most in polo?
The connection with the horses. The horse is the most amazing animal and polo horses can do almost everything we ask.

When (and how) did you realise you wanted to become a polo player?
I was quite old to be honest. Everyone starts very early but instead I went to university and played a lot of rugby. I started playing professionally at 28. My brother Javier convinced me to go with him to play for the Black Bears in the UK. Before then, polo was a hobby for me.

Can you tell us about the best moment you have experienced during a polo competition?
The best moment will always be when I won the triple crown with my 3 brothers and playing for my family's club.

How would you describe the feelings you have during the competitions?
I get nervous and have to concentrate a lot before each game. The night after the game I barely sleep playing the game on my head.

What is a typical week for you?
I ride 6 days per week and I work with my personal trainer at least 2 times a week. I try to go to the movies or out at least 1 night a week if the games are not to close.

Beside polo, what are your other passions?
I love rugby and love going outdoors. My farm is my spot in the world. I also like music concerts and theatre.

When and how did the cooperation with Jaeger-LeCoultre begin?
It has begun in 2006. I was recommended by Juan Cruz Diaz and the Brand manager for Argentina. Therefore I attended the party at Rodin Museum in Paris for the 75 years of the Reverso.

What are the values of Polo? Can you mention some values you share with Jaeger-LeCoultre?
Team work, passion,elegance and, for me the most important, a family atmosphere.

How do you feel about being an ambassador for a world-renowned luxury watch brand like Jaeger-LeCoultre?
I am honoured and very happy that they believe in me. I am also very proud.

How would you describe your relationship with time?
I am very lucky to wear my Jaeger-LeCoultre because if not I would be late everywhere. That is my latino part.

The Reverso is an Icon in the Polo world that was created for polo players in 1931: what does the Reverso mean to you?
It is a watch that means polo. For me there is not another watch that is more related to polo than the Reverso.

What is your favourite Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece?
The Reverso.

Which picture of yourself do you prefer most?
All the ones I am with my three sons.