Three emblematic complications in a Fine Master Control


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Homage to the noblest watchmaking traditions

Checking the time in 24 time zones; the triumph of slenderness, finesse and precision; a perpetual calendar with a unique eight-day power reserve: these are the three emblematic horological complications celebrated by the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre in paying homage to the noblest watchmaking traditions. Elegance and refinement are undoubtedly the watchwords of the models in the Master Control line with their classically understated shapes, breathtakingly beautiful dials… and their touch of originality that inevitably arouses special feelings for timepieces that any watchmaking devotee immediately senses have a soul of their very own. Master Geographic: an iconic function from the Manufacture Jaeger- LeCoultre Within its elegant 39 millimetre-diameter case, the Master Geographic welcomes the time of all journeys and all continents. Its automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 939A is the key that instantly unlocks the secrets of time zones. It displays local time by means of large central hour, minute and seconds hands. Meanwhile, the names of the cities representing each of the 24 time zones glide past on the lower part of the dial, in some cases bearing the letter “S” for “Summertime” in order to enable the user to take account of a possible half-yearly change in legal time. The second time zone selected via a crown appears in a counter at 6 o’clock. The eminently readable dial also provides other information such as the indispensable power reserve and a date counter, both useful functions that make this model the perfect traveller’s watch. Master Ultra Thin Moon: technique and sophistication No one element dominates the others and no characteristic is superfluous: minimalism is above all a question of equilibrium. Combining refinement, elegance and performance is a given for the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, which played a pioneering role in the quest for slenderness. At just 4.9 mm thick, the new ultra-thin automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 925 movement associates the indications that are indispensable in an accurate watch – hours, minutes and seconds – with two additional functions meeting different and complementary demands: the date and moon phases. Both appear on a single counter in the sunray brushed dial centre, with a delicately shaped arrow pointing to the date. The Master Ultra Thin Moon, a model radiating absolute stylistic purity, is as much a tribute to the splendid tradition of round watches that have forged the reputation of the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, as a celebration of horological research in the history of ultra-thin movements. Master Eight Days Perpetual 40: an exceptional 8-day power reserve With its pink gold case measuring 40 mm in diameter, the Master Eight Days Perpetual 40 embodies a unique relationship with time. Within the realm of watches equipped with a perpetual calendar, it is the only one to boast an eight-day power reserve thanks to its twin barrels that store up a considerable amount of energy. Aside from its technical performances, it is also an authentic Fine Watchmaking accomplishment that remains faithful to the finest traditions while subtly reinterpreting them. Mechanically programmed to require no manual correction before the year 2100 – since even the noblest mechanisms cannot keep track of the century years that are not leap years – it will continue to provide an accurate display of the date, the day of the week, the month and the year in four digits, along with the power reserve, the moon phase, the alternation between night and day, and even the security zone between 10 pm and 3 am during which no changes must be made. Loyal to the know-how cultivated by the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, this watch is distinguished by its excellent readability and its understated appearance, because the watchmaking art also lives up to the thirst for clarity that supports the mechanical feats. Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 876-440B. Tried and tested precision and reliability: Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre’s unique 1000 Hours Control However elegant and refined they may be, timekeepers are worthy of their name – and indeed of the prestigious Jaeger-LeCoultre signature adorning their dial – only if they meet stringent demands in terms of exactness and reliability. The Manufacture has developed a series of merciless tests that submit newly completed watches to severe trials. For almost twenty years now, none of them has left the workshops of the Grande Maison without first having valiantly demonstrated its ability to surmount the difficulties of an adventurous existence. Their rating precision is tested in six positions, at rest and in motion, while the prophylactic administration of calculated shocks proves their sturdiness, and their water resistance is verified under 5-bar pressure. After 1000 hours of constant controls, each watch is finally authorised to join the proud cohort of representatives of the Master Control line, and to set off towards the encounter with its future owner.