• Mad about Reverso
Following the creation of a special, limited-edition, engraved version of their iconic Reverso watch for a Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to the award-winning AMC series “Mad Men”, Jaeger-LeCoultre invites you to take part in its “MAD ABOUT REVERSO” Contest on Facebook (in English only).

What would Don Draper do?

From March 2 through March 26, 2012, picture yourself back in the 1960’s as the youngest creative director at the hottest Madison Avenue Advertising Agency and you’ve just landed your first client, Jaeger-LeCoultre! Don has asked you to prepare an advertising campaign for the iconic Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931 and promised a Reverso watch for the best one!

Become a creative director! Download the creative brief and the Reverso watch visual on Facebook. Create your original advertising campaign for the Reverso watch with the Instagram application. Publish and share your advertising campaign on Instagram with the caption #MadAboutReverso and @jaegerlecoultre. Upload and submit your original advertising campaign of the Reverso watch to the “MAD ABOUT REVERSO” Contest on Facebook. Share your advertising campaign and invite your friends to vote from February 29 through March 26, 2012.

All the advertising campaigns submitted will be featured on Facebook. The five original advertising campaigns voted top will be announced on Jaeger-LeCoultre - The Official Page on March 26, 2012 after Contest closing. A jury will select the best advertising campaign amongst the 5 submissions voted the best and announce the winner on Jaeger-LeCoultre - The Official Page by April 2, 2012.

All you can do is hope that Don picks your advertising campaign for a chance to win a Reverso watch! So think: what would Don Draper do?

Start creating now in the “MAD ABOUT REVERSO” section of Jaeger-LeCoultre - The Official Page, on Facebook.