Answers to the "Hybris Mechanica: the key to the secret" Facebook quiz


  • Montre Jaeger-LeCoultre: Hybris Mechanica "The key to the secret" 2013

From 18 March to 8 April 2013, Jaeger-LeCoultre invited you to take part in the "Hybris Mechanica: The key to the secret" Facebook quiz (in English only) and to try to crack the secrets of these watchmaking masterpieces.  It was a chance to rediscover the Hybris Mechanica Grand Complications collection, ten watches that have made their mark on the history of Fine Watchmaking, and whose secrets are carefully guarded in the Hybris Mechanica Virtual Museum.

We can now reveal the answers to the quiz:

1 - What powers the movement of the Mysterious Atmos clock?
The movement of the Mysterious Atmos clock is powered by changes in temperature.

 2 - What is the power reserve of the Master Gyrotourbillon 1?
The Master Gyrotourbillon has a power reserve of 8 days.

3 - How many balances are there inside the Reverso Grande Complication à Triptyque?
The Reverso Grande Complication à Triptyque has just one balance.

4 - What major innovation characterises the Master Compressor Extreme LAB?
The Compressor Extreme LAB is the first lubricant-free watch.

5 - What kind of tourbillon is found inside the Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 watch?
The Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 contains a tourbillon with cylindrical balance-spring.

6 - What complications are featured on the Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie?
The Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie features a Grande Sonnerie, a perpetual calendar and a flying tourbillon.

7 - Which of the following is shown on the dial of the Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication?
The dial of the Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication represents a sky chart.

8 - What is the function of the sliding "curtain" on the Reverso Répétitions Minutes à Rideau?
The curtain on the Reverso Repetition Minutes Rideau activates the minute repeater.

9- Which of the following describes the balance-spring on the Sphérotourbillon?  
It is a cylindrical balance-spring. It is present in the Duomètre Sphérotourbillon.

The draw will take place on 18 April 2013 in Switzerland. The winner will be notified by Jaeger-LeCoultre via email.