Two exclusive creations to mark the Diamond Jubilee year


  • Calibre 101 Diamond Jubilee


The watchmaking excellence cultivated by the Manufacture gave rise in 1929 to the incredible Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101, which holds the record for the world’s smallest mechanical movement. This masterpiece, an impressive feat of miniaturisation, is no bigger than a pencil tip at just 14 mm long , 4.8 mm wide and weighs less than one gramme. Its extremely diminutive size is matched only by its extreme rarity with only a handful of pieces produced by only 2 highly skilled watchmakers at the Manufacture.

We are honoured to present two UK-exclusive creations from the Manufacture to mark the Diamond Jubilee year: a fully baguette-set Calibre 101 with a special engraving and an Etrier 101 on an Haute Couture satin strap decorated with inspirations from the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. For enquiries, please call Jaeger-LeCoultre UK on +44 (0) 207 312 6903.