Decorating the watch

  • Technique horlogère: Décoration de la montre | Jaeger-LeCoultre
Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the rare watch Manufactures to cultivate the various decorative arts which transform a timepiece into a work of art – enamelling, engraving and gem setting – all under its own roof. Enamel miniature painting is one of the rarest and most precious of all pictorial arts. Making an enamel miniature demands weeks of intense concentration, extraordinary patience and nimble fingers. Engraving also requires concentrated attention at all moments. Using the point of their graver, the engravers draw all the motifs dreamed up by the imagination of the watch’s owner. In lines or in relief, lacquered or gem-set, the engravings are like a fragment of eternity. Jaeger-LeCoultre also blends unique gem-setting techniques which brighten the finest watch creations.