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Where and when did you start playing polo? I first hit a polo ball in Ghana in 1994, but did not start playing properly until 1999 when I became a member of Cowdray Park. What attracts you most in polo? Firstly, I love horses, but I also love being part of a team. I am attracted to sport that involves speed and before I played polo, I did a lot of skiing. When (and how) did you realise you wanted to become a polo player? The minute I sat on a polo pony and made connection with the ball! To be honest, I never thought it was a sport for women, but the more I played, the more I loved it and the more I wanted to improve. Can you tell us about the best moment you have experienced during a polo competition? I think my best moment was scoring 3 goals in a Gold Cup game last year here at Cowdray. How would you describe the feelings you have during the competitions? I reckon I am probably just as competitive as anyone else on the field so I feel very determined to win. I can also feel quite angry and frustrated at times! Competing takes a lot out of you physically, so it can leave you feeling pretty emotionally charged. What is a typical week for you? During the polo season, I might play in a match 3-4 times a week and then practice on other days. Mondays are "days-off" in the polo world, so I will normally go to London. I take care of my charity work and see friends who are not connected with polo. I also have a family so a lot of time is devoted to being with them. Besides polo, what are your other passions? My other sporting passions are skiing and tennis. My emotional passions are my family and the friends who I love. Other passions include reading before I go to sleep, spending some time every day on my own being quiet and peaceful and laughing. I find laughter very therapeutic. When and how did the cooperation with Jaeger-LeCoultre begin? Jaeger-LeCoultre first got involved with me in 2003. I went to see them to suggest some polo sponsorship and to my delight and amazement they said yes! I had lunch with Patrick Boutellier, Brand Manager, and he was very enthusiastic about the idea. They have continued to be supportive ever since. What are the values of Polo? I think the values of polo are a team spirit, good sportsmanship, a respect for horses, and the feeling of belonging to a large international "family". How do you feel about being an ambassador for a world-renowned luxury watch brand like Jaeger-LeCoultre? I feel very honoured to represent Jaeger-LeCoultre on and off the polo field. I am very aware of the responsibility that comes with this position and I hope that I manage to fulfil the high standards that the brand represents. How would you describe your relationship with time? My relationship with time is much less complicated than it used to be. I manage my time better these days. I used to try to achieve too many things in one day, but these days, I try to do fewer things and do them better. The Reverso is an Icon in the Polo world that was created for polo players in 1931: what does the Reverso mean to you? The Reverso for me is a watch of great flexibility in that I can play a hard game of polo with it but can also go out for dinner wearing it. What is your favourite Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece? My favourite timepiece is the watch I am wearing now - The Reverso Squadra Lady Duetto in rose gold with diamonds and a black leather strap. I love the shape of it and it is really eye catching - everyone notices it. Which picture of yourself do you prefer most? I think the picture of me I prefer most is the one taken in a long brown suede dress galloping across a polo field at home on my old grey mare, Kate. It combines femininity with a love of horses, home, speed and sport. I think it's very much the way I am.