The world’s highest watchmaking in the world’s tallest tower


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Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the Hybris Mechanica 55 in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

The iconic trilogy of watchmaking, showcasing the highest level of watchmaking, was presented by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s CEO Jérôme Lambert in the recently launched Atmosphere Lounge and Restaurant of the Burj Khalifa tower. The Hybris Mechanica 55, countaining an astounding total of 55 complications, was presented in Dubai for the very first time to an exclusive audience of VIP collectors in the world’s tallest tower and true icon of engineering, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. A landmark set of the most complicated wristwatches ever conceived and created, the Hybris Mechanica 55 showcases the greatest achievements in the long history of the Grande Maison. Jaeger-LeCoultre once again proves to be the expert of the exceptional with the three Masterpieces: the Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie, the Hybris Mechanica à Gyrotourbillon and the Hybris Mechanica à Triptyque. The Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie epitomises the realization of the most complex and demanding form of horology: the striking of the time just as the Tower of Big Ben in Great Britain dictates, every hour and quarter – fully automatic and miniaturised to the size of a wristwatch. Discover this outstanding feature and its total 27 complications. Each watch is an icon of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s craftsmanship, celebrating its horological history and simultaneously symbolising its acceptance of the challenge to reinvent the most complicated achievements of haute horlogerie. The Hybris Mechanica 55 set will be delivered in an exclusive safe finished with the finest details imaginable and meeting the latest security standards. The collection covers three exciting aspects of watchmaking: the epitome of precision timekeeping with the tourbillon, the mathematical approach to eternity in all its variations with the perpetual calendar, and the magic of sound with the Grande Sonnerie.