Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the Global Champions Tour in Monaco


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June 23th to 25th 2011, in Monaco, Monte Carlo

Skill, scope and agility are three very important components that mark the world’s best show jumping combinations. It took all of this and more to win the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Monaco. And Rolf-Goran Bengtsson was the only one of the 48 starters to jump double clean rounds to win his second Global Champions Tour event this season. He took home the cheque for 92,000 euros and his second Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch. The Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Monaco was set on a non-permanent area at the Port Hercule back dropped by the palace. The social scene that accompanies the Global Champions Tour in Monaco show has led to its heavy upscale sponsorships. Precision riding over a very technical track saw Rolf produce two perfectly executed rounds with the same stallion that he won the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Germany. Rolf remains one of the most compelling forces in the game: World Champion, Olympian and Silver medallist at the Beijing Olympic Games. He now adds two GCT wins to his statistics portfolio. There was no shortage of stiff competition in the Grand Prix as the world’s best riders and horses faced German course designer Frank Rothenberger for the fourth time this season. Frank has built four of the five rounds of the Global Champions Tour this season, yet every arena presents a different palate and set of circumstances. Monaco arena is small with very little room for adjustability on course and Rothenberger’s track was big and technical. Twelve clear rounds, one on a time fault and five on four faults made up the 18 who went through to the second round. The GCT leaderboard has once again changed with Australian Edwina Alexander moving ahead of Ludger. Edwina concluded the two rounds with 4 faults that eventually placed her on time into seventh place in the Grand Prix. She now stands with 155.00 ranking points, a little ahead of Ludger who has 151.50. Global Champions Tour Rankings – top 18 riders after 5th leg (Monaco) 1. Edwina Alexander (AUS), 155 2. Ludger Beerbaum (GER), 151.50 – 3. Alvaro De Miranda Neto (BRA), 123.00 – 4. Denis Lynch (IRE), 120 – = 5.Luciana Diniz (POR), 112 – =5 Rolf-Goran Bengtsson 112.00 – 7. Billy Twomey (IRE), 102.00 – 8. Kevin Staut (FRA), 95.00 - 9.Pius Schwizer (SUI), 92 – 10. Phillip Weishaupt (GER) 90.00 – 11. Marcus Ehning (GER) 12. Gerco Schroeder (NED)– 83 – 13. Judy Ann Melchior (BEL) 77.00 – 14. Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER) 73.00 15. Christian Ahlmann (GER) 72.00 16. Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) 66.00 17. Sergio Alvarez Moya(ESP),63 – =18. Marco Kutscher (GER), 58 – =18. Lars Nieberg (GER) 58 - Winner Rolf-Goran Bengtsson On his win Rolf Göran Bengtsson, who came second at the Olympics, overcame all the obstacles with great ease to achieve an impressive faultless double. “My stallion Casall La Silla has always performed brilliantly, be it on the grass at Hamburg or the small course here at Monaco. He’s fantastic. In fact, the son of Caretino, he’s been a favourite with breeders. I am overjoyed this evening having not dared to hope for two GCT victories, especially as I am now the proud owner of another Jaeger-LeCoultre watch”, Rolf declares with a big smile.