Personalising your Reverso online


There are stories that deserve to be captured forever

Why not capture yours? Jaeger-LeCoultre is launching an online personalisation programme unparalleled in the world of luxury watchmaking, bringing you a world of infinite options of designs with which to create your very own unique Reverso. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the iconic Reverso watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre is once again pushing back the boundaries of its own inventiveness to launch a unique personalisation programme, drawing on the initiative of our clients and the dexterity of our artists to create yet more masterpieces that transcend time. Thanks to its reversible mechanism, this profoundly personal timepiece offers its wearers the opportunity to share or privately enjoy the secret gracing the reverse. Set your imagination free, inspired by the themes featured in our online personalisation service. Choose the look that captures your spirit, turning the Reverso, your Reverso, into a unique watch, to be worn, offered as a gift or handed down. The reverse of your Reverso is the ideal setting for the portrayal of your innermost desires, whether through miniature portraits, gem-set engravings or symbolic images. The talents of the Manufacture’s artistic craftsmen open the way for unique watches and personalised decoration, executed entirely according to your aesthetic preferences. Whether through engraving, precious stones or the magic of “grand feu” enamelling, the only limits are those of your imagination! Capture that special moment… Discover the online personalisation service and turn your favourite watch into a unique timepiece which captures your essence. The Official Page of Facebook also brings you “My very own Reverso” — a playful and interactive application featuring a new and original way to imagine, design and share your Reverso with friends. Discover this artistic application at once! Meanwhile, do not miss out on the interviews with those who contribute daily to the Reverso legend, over on the Official YouTube Channel, where expert historians and designers from the Manufacture explain the history of this iconic watch and where watchmakers, engraver, enamellers and gem-setters reveal their trade secrets, from the Reverso’s calibre to its endlessly personalisable reverse. iPad application available soon!