Jaeger-LeCoultre Trippetts Challenge at Cowdray Park 18 May 2014


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The Final of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Trippetts Challenge, the early season High Goal warm-up tournament, played in memory of James Wentworth-Stanley, was the feature match of the afternoon on Sunday 18th May.

Making it through to the Final of the Trippetts Challenge were Adrian Kirby’s Cortium side and Jerome Wirth’s Enigma.  Adrian Kirby, with a 1 goal handicap, was joined by three 7 goal players, Salvador Ulloa, Francisco Elizalde and Tomas Garcia del Rio, the patron playing in his preferred position of back.  Jerome Wirth’s line-up for 2014, includes talented young South African player Chris Mackenzie (5 goals) and Argentines Guillermo Caset (9 goals) and Guillermo Willington (7 goals). 

A slow opening chukka saw just one goal on the scoreboard, this from Guillermo Willington for Enigma.  The second chukka saw each of the Enigma professionals producing a goal each while just one came from the Cortium side.  By the close of the third chukka, Enigma were well ahead at 7-3 with superb play by Guillermo Caset being much appreciated by the Cowdray spectators.

After the tread-in, Cortium made a good start to the second half with a swift goal from Francisco Elizalde but Enigma’s Caset soon replied and a further goal for each side from Garcia Del Rio and Willington saw the fourth chukka end at 9-5 in Enigma’s favour.  This was to remain Cortium’s tally of goals as Caset continued to pile on the pressure through the next two chukkas with three more goals to his credit and a super one from Chris Mackenzie to establish a convincing win for Enigma at 13-5.


Zahra Kassim-Lakha for Jaeger-LeCoultre presented the James Wentworth Stanley Cup to Jerome Wirth, and individual prizes to players assisted by Clare Milford-Haven. The Award for Best Playing Pony went to Gata, owned by Guillermo Caset.