UNESCO and Jaeger-LeCoultre


Preserving endangered ecosystems: China’s Jiuzhaigou Valley

2010 marks the third year of the partnership between Jaeger-LeCoultre, the International Herald Tribune and UNESCO to raise awareness and funds for the preservation of endangered ecosystems. Jaeger-LeCoultre invites you to view the photo reports and videos on the panoramic and historical region of the Jiuzhaigou Valley that was published on May 20, 2010 in The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune websites. Jiuzhaigou Valley: a brief overview Situated in the county of Nanping, to the north of the Sichuan province (China), the scenic and historical region of the Jiuzhaigou Valley was inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List in 1992. Jiuzhaigou is part of a group of three protected areas in the Min Shan Range: Huanglong, Wanglang and Jiuzhaigou. The regions is characterised by a series of lakes that stretch along a valley, which was shaped by glaciers. There is also a series of terrraced lakes and spectacular waterfalls, in particular the Falls at Xionguashia (Panda Lake), which drop 78m in three steps. Most of the site is wooded, with altitudinal variations ranging from mixed forest to mountain pasture, from coniferous forest to eternal ice and snow. The region is also of major interest for a number of endangered species. The Jiuzhaigou Valley is one of world’s 13 nature reserves for the Giant Panda. Jaeger-LeCoultre, UNESCO and the International Herald Tribune This partnership has already seen the realisation of several ambitious projects : • The promotion of protected sites to raise public awareness; • The recruitment of a coordinator for the marine programme implemented by the World Heritage Centre; • The development of a watch specifically for the partnership, the Master Compressor Extreme W-Alarm Tides of Time; • Fundraising: auctions with the proceeds going to threatened sites. - Jaeger-LeCoultre has held two auctions on its internet site. All the proceeds (GBP13,540 and GBP12,600) have been donated to sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, such as the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. This donation has enabled Tubbataha to purchase a radar system to control traffic in the Park’s waters. The preservation of the environment is a universal and urgent challenge. We invite you to learn more about the marine sites supported in the “Tides of Time” partnership in this interview with Jérôme Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Additional information and videos can be viewed on jaegerlecoultreclub, the Official Jaeger-LeCoultre Channel on YouTube.