Jaeger-leCoultre and Polo


Argentine Polo Open of Palermo

In 2013, Jaeger-LeCoultre enjoyed the honour of becoming the official sponsor and timekeeper of the 120th Argentine Polo Open of Palermo - one of the oldest polo tournaments in the world, which celebrated in 2013 its 120th anniversary.
In November - December 2015, polo aficionados will be able to enjoy this fascinating championship featuring three weeks of competition pitting the world's eight best teams (28-40 goals) against each other at Campo argentino de Polo in Palermo, a Buenos Aires district popularly known as the "Cathedral of Polo".

Eduardo Novillo Astrada at Polo Parlermo Open 2015 Clare Milford Haven and Polo Parlermo Open 2015

Jaeger-LeCoultre and Polo

Equestrian sport by Jaeger-LeCoultre
Filling the Reverso patent

This was a daunting challenge, since all previous watchmaking inventions designed to protect the glass had sacrificed functionality on the altar of protection. Like all revolutionary achievements, the new watch was to be based on a simple idea that nobody had yet thought of, namely an entirely swivelling case. Paris, 4 March 1931: engineer Alfred Chauvot filed a patent application for "a watch that can slide in its cradle and swivel completely on its axis".

1931 - British army officers based in India challenged César de Trey, a Swiss pioneer of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, to produce a watch that was both elegant and sufficiently robust to survive being worn in a polo match.

“The  Reverso  is  the  watch  that  means  Polo.  For  me  there  is  no  other  watch  that  is  more
related to polo. I'm lucky to own a Reverso, otherwise I would always be late! Like Jaeger-LeCoultre, I place great value on teamwork, passion, elegance and, no doubt most importantly, in family spirit. " Jaeger-LeCoultre Ambassador, Eduardo Novillo Astrada.

At the start of the 20th century, the long reign of the pocket watch was coming to an end. People were beginning to wear watches on their wrist. In 1930, César de Trey, a businessman who was well known in Swiss watchmaking and a friend of Jacques-David LeCoultre, went to India to meet some old friends. After a polo match, a player showed him his watch with its broken glass and charged him with the task of creating a model sturdy enough to be able to stand up to polo playing without being damaged.

Grande reverso Ultra THin Palermo

As a connoisseur of watchmaking, César de Trey knew that the workshops run by Jacques-David LeCoultre had the expertise required to make high-quality movements and that they were the only ones to display such consistent inventiveness. It led to the birth of the Reverso watch, an icon of Art Deco!
While retaining its original personality, the watch has evolved with the times and shifted with a wide variety of changing needs. Like a jewel box, it contains a real heritage of passion and watchmaking expertise.

Ever since 1931, the ties between the legendary swivelling case and polo have remained ingrained in the very fibres of the Reverso, which has proved capable of constantly evolving and adapting to each new era. Jaeger-LeCoultre is more closely linked to polo than ever, through regular sporting partnerships in a number of countries thanks to its internationally recognised ambassadors. Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo ambassadors display their brilliant skills in the world's greatest competitions.

Watch the 1931 film, Grande Reverso Ultra Thin


Personalise your Reverso


Whether it’s a transatlantic crossing on a sailboat with friends, or the birth of a child, there are precious, life-changing moments that deserve to be recorded forever. What will be yours? Let our engraving, enamelling and gemsetting artists immortalise your legend. A Reverso just for you.


Some stories deserve to be written

 Since its creation, the reverse side of the Reverso has come to represent a space for artistic expression that is unique within the watchmaking world. Thanks to its reversible mechanism patented by Jaeger-LeCoultre, this profoundly personal timepiece offers its wearers the opportunity to either privately enjoy or share the secret gracing the second face. Every day, Jaeger-LeCoultre master engravers inscribe initials, family emblems and royal coats of arms, on Reverso watches. No matter how complex and detailed the order submitted to the Manufacture, the only limits are those of the customer’s own imagination.                                                                                                          

To give free rein to the imagination of Reverso owners, the Jaeger-LeCoultre enamelling studio offers miniature paintings in enamel. It is one of the few in the world with the expertise required for this art that almost disappeared more than a century ago. One value sums up this art: patience. The miniaturists now working in the Manufacture have mastered all the traditional techniques: grand feu, champlevé, translucent and cloisonné. 

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Gravure savoir faire Emaillage savoir faire
casa Fagliano savoir faire
Casa Fagliano

Casa Fagliano was established in 1892 in Buenos Aires, the world capital of polo. For more than a century, the Fagliano family has been devoted to the single craft of leather working and they have come to master all its secrets. Still today, descendants of the company founder perform all the tasks of this authentic family enterprise. Their products are highly sought-after by the best players who cannot imagine going into a polo match without their favourite riding boots.

Casa Fagliano agreed to create hand-crafted watch straps especially for Jaeger-LeCoultre, which are produced in strict accordance with the centuries-old tradition of working with cordovan leather, famous for its great strength. A strap from the Casa Fagliano workshops is fitted to each watch. It is distinguished by its elegant suppleness and, because it is made by hand, each strap is unique. Jaeger-LeCoultre is proud of this partnership that adds another dimension to the link between polo and the Reverso watch.  

Argentina Polo Open of Palermo, ...


Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre has a long standing affiliation with the world of polo, continuing to focus on the development of the game and the individual. The Manufacture is well represented on the finest polo fields by its ambassadors, fired up by sporting ambition. The Manufacture is supporting these ambassadors every step of the way in their sporting quests.
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup
Luke Tomlinson Competitions
Luke Tomlinson is the Captain of the English Polo team, one of England’s most talented players, with a handicap of 7.
Luke Tomlinson - Gold Cup 2015
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup

Cowdray Park Polo Club announced that fourteen teams have entered the 2015 Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship.

“We are thrilled to have taken on the title sponsorship of this world-class tournament. In 2015 the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship will embrace the historic roots of polo in which the Swiss watchmaker has been a stakeholder since 1931 when the iconic Reverso watch was specially designed for its players", A word from Zahra Kassim-Lakha, Director UK Market and Global Strategy of Jaeger-LeCoultre


Autumn Cup competition
Jaeger-LeCoultre Autumn Cup

8th-21st september, 2014 - The Final of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Autumn Cup, the last in the series of HPA tournaments at Cowdray Park sponsored by the luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, will take place on Sunday 21st September.
For further information on all Cowdray Park’s tournaments please visit the website www.cowdraypolo.co.uk 

 British Polo Day Los Angeles - Jaeger-LeCoultre and Polo - Competitions
British Polo Day Los Angeles

Saturday, May 30th, 2015 marked the return of British Polo Day USA taking place at Los Angeles' historic Will Rogers State Park celebrating the very best of British luxury heritage under the West Coast sunshine.

As the Official Timekeeper of British Polo Day, Swiss watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre proudly supported the event, continuing its long standing affiliation with the world of Polo. The iconic Reverso watch was also part of the Brand’s highlights including the new Grande Reverso 1931 Seconde Centrale. Directly inspired by the original 1935 model, the timepiece once again showcased the Manufacture's rich watchmaking heritage, combining the user-friendly comfort of a contemporary Haute Horlogerie watch with a vintage aesthetic.

Duke of Sutherland cup competition
Jaeger-LeCoultre Duke of Sutherland Cup

13th May - 1st June, 2014 -  Jaeger-LeCoultre Duke of Sutherland Cup, the second of Cowdray Park Polo Club’s six annual HPA polo tournaments to be played in 2014.  Is an  18 goal handicap, the Cup is a non-domestic tournament, open to all-comers.  

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Duke of Sutherland Cup was presented to Cowdray Park Polo Club on the late duke’s retirement from polo.  A friend of John Cowdray, 3rd Viscount, from their student days, he had enjoyed playing at Cowdray Park over many years and his cup bears winners names from 1952, making it one of Cowdray Park’s most historic trophies.

For further information on Cowdray Park’s tournaments please visit the website www.cowdraypolo.co.uk. 

British polo competition 2
Jaeger-LeCoultre Dollar Cup

10th-26th May, 2014

For the second year, Jaeger-LeCoultre is title sponsor of Cowdray Park Polo Club's HPA series of tournaments, which are known as the Jaeger-LeCoultre series.
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Dollar Cup is the first of Cowdray Park Polo Club’s six annual HPA polo tournaments to be played in 2014. Played at 12 goal handicap, the Cup is a non-domestic tournament, open to all-comers, and attracts teams from a wide area.   
The second tournament in the Jaeger-LeCoultre HPA Series at Cowdray Park, The Duke of Sutherland Cup, takes place from May 13th to June 1st, 2014 with the final of the prestigious 18 goal tournament taking place on June 1st.

Holden white cup competition
Jaeger-LeCoultre Holden White

14th July - 3rd August, 2014 - Twenty three teams enter the Jaeger-LeCoultre Holden White Cup, one of the series of Cowdray Park’s six HPA tournaments to be sponsored by fine watchmakers Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2014. The 8 goal tournament started on 14th July and is one of Cowdray Park’s most popular tournaments attracting entries from a wide area.

The remaining tournament in the Jaeger-LeCoultre HPA series at Cowdray Park are the Jaeger-LeCoultre Challenge Cup and the the Jaeger-LeCoultre Autumn Cup which will be played from 9th-22nd September.

For further information on Cowdray Park’s tournaments please visit the website www.cowdraypolo.co.uk

Trippetts Polo competition 2
Trippetts Challenge

May 2014 - Jaeger-LeCoultre sponsors the Trippetts Challenge. The 22 Goal Tournament was created in memory of James Wentworth-Stanley, the polo-playing son of the Marchioness of Milford Haven. James died in December 2006, aged 21. The James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund has been set up by James' parents to help raise awareness of anxiety, depression and suicid amongst young people. The Milford Haven donated the Cup as a warm tournament for Cowdray based High Goal teams playing in the Queens Cup and the Gold Cup. The final is always played on the Number One ground at the Milford Haven Home, Great Trippetts farm.

Jaeger-LeCoultre and its ambassadors

The ambassadors of Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo play with passion in the world's most important competitions.
Eduardo Novillo Astrada
Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2
Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2
Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2
Eduardo Novillo Astrada
Equipped with a completely new mechanical chronograph movement specially designed for the most extreme environments, this new timepiece combines maximum ergonomics with unmatched precision and reliability. Several innovations make this watch the ideal instrument for explorers of the extreme.
Clare Mountbatten
Rendez-Vous Tourbillon
Rendez-Vous Tourbillon
Rendez-Vous Tourbillon
Clare Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven
The Rendez-Vous Tourbillon, with its self-winding movement, houses one of the most prestigious and fascinating watchmaking complications, the tourbillon... With its sheer mastery of complications and aesthetics, Jaeger-LeCoultre has created a piece of jewellery in which gold and diamonds portray a twirling heart beating once per second.
Luke Tomlinson
Grande Reverso Ultra Thin
Grande Reverso Ultra Thin
Grande Reverso Ultra Thin
Luke Tomlinson
The Reverso is one of the rare true icons of luxury watchmaking. It is the legendary reversible watch invented in the 1930s for polo players concerned with protecting the crystals of their watches, which featured pure, geometric silhouettes inspired by the Art Deco movement.