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Our Heritage service can issue an archive extract with the original technical details pertaining to your timepiece, at your request and based on the details you supply to us. This extract from the archives can only be provided for watches or clocks that are more than twenty years old.


To enable us to perform a search on your behalf, we require the following:

TIMEPIECE PHOTOGRAPH: A good quality photograph of your watch or clock.

MOVEMENT PHOTOGRAPH: A good quality photograph of its movement.

TIMEPIECE ENGRAVED NUMBERS: The numbers engraved on the back of the watch.

MOVEMENT ENGRAVED NUMBERS: The numbers engraved on the movement itself.


How to proceed?

To access the movement, we recommend you have your watch opened by an approved Jaeger LeCoultre dealer or a highly qualified watchmaker.

Once we have established that we can fulfill your request, we ask for a fee of 260 CHF. Your archive extract will be created and sent to you within two months of the payment date. All extracts are written in English.

They do not take account of the current state of the timepiece and can under no circumstances be considered certificates of authenticity.

Should you wish to know the market value of your timepiece, we recommend that you contact a reputable auction house.

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