In 1931, a swivelling timepiece was launched that was destined to become a classic of 20th century design: the Reverso luxury watch.

Timeless stories since 1931

The Reverso watch was created to withstand the rigours of polo matches. Its subtle Art Deco lines and unique, pioneering reversible case have made it one of the world’s most recognisable watches. The Reverso showcases our craftsmanship at its most creative, inventive and innovative and has housed more than 50 different calibres. It has been an exceptional canvas for creativity; fiercely original, defiantly distinctive and always extraordinary.

Whether draped in enamel, engravings or gemstones, the Reverso is unfailingly unique representing the very best of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Since its creation in 1931, Reverso has created many timeless stories, establishing it as the icon of Jaeger-LeCoultre. 



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The swivelling concept of time

The Reverso is a true original. It is time reimagined with care and technical mastery. Its exquisite design, inspired by the golden ratio, captivates attention. From the start, the Reverso fine watch was radically innovative in both its fundamental concept and the engineering of the intricate mechanism that enabled the case to be turned over and locked into place.

Perfect Art Deco geometry

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch was born at the height of the luxurious Art Deco age. It remains true to its refined sense of shape, epitomising the spirit of its time. Its poised rectangular geometry and clean pleasing lines draw attention to the piece’s unique horizontal gadroons. The outstanding swivelling case design and subtle triangular lugs seem to flow onto the alluring straps. The case fits so perfectly into its cradle that, at first glance, there is no evidence that it can be flipped over.


Timeless elegance. Intricate complexity.

The Reverso’s case is the embodiment of pure elegance, crafted from over 50 individual components. A truly iconic piece that celebrates its Art Deco heritage, it remains ahead of its time. Aesthetic variations began to appear soon after its launch with notable-coloured dials made to order in bright red, chocolate brown, burgundy or blue lacquer. The sleek design of the Reverso luxury watch has evolved with the times without ever losing sight of the design that made it an icon.

The Reverso is the synthesis of form and function, a design based on a fundamental idea: It’s reversal, making it one of the most inventive wristwatches in history.

— Lionel Favre, Head of Design

A gesture that changed everything

Designed to respond to a practical need, the back of the Reverso high end watch is a blank canvas inspiring our expert craftsmen to express their exceptional know-how with personalised enamelling, engraving or miniature painting. The collection’s swivelling back also offers the choice of a second dial, offering a second expression of time either with a second time-zone (Duoface) or another style of the same time (Duetto), giving Reverso wearers the option to match any outfit or look.


Born out of a challenge

In 1930, businessman César de Trey was challenged to find a way to protect the glass of a watch for polo players during matches. de Trey’s idea was inspired; a case that could be flipped over. He approached his friend Jacques-David LeCoultre to produce the watch and the pair engaged René-Alfred Chauvot to design it. And so the Reverso watch was born.


A rectangular heart

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s longstanding history of creating exceptional calibres has been established since our founding in 1833. Capitalizing on our strong watchmaking expertise, our watchmakers reinvented the shape of calibres from circular to rectangular, responding to the challenge brought about by the rectangular shape of Reverso. The collection is a triumph of form and function brought together in perfect harmony. Today, more than 50 calibres have been developed for the Reverso range, each one made and built by our master watchmakers in the Vallée de Joux. 

Made in our Manufacture

From its calibre to its case, every Jaeger‑LeCoultre luxury watch is designed, manufactured and assembled under one roof, at our Manufacture in the Vallee de Joux. Our obsession with quality is renowned as every Jaeger‑LeCoultre model undergoes strict “1,000 Hour Control” testing. This unique program provides internal certification tests that far exceed official chronometry tests.

It includes movement testing before and after casing and extends throughout assembly, according to conditions that match daily wear. A quality seal is engraved on the back of every watch once it meets our strict standards.


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