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101 Calibre

The 101 Collection brings together the finest traditions of high jewellery with the craft and expertise of fine watchmaking. Launched in 1929, the Calibre 101 is still the world’s smallest mechanical calibre and serves to continue Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s heritage of technical mastery today.

A revolutionary calibre

The Calibre 101 is a revolutionary feat of fine watchmaking. A true icon, it represents a rare feat of micromechanical engineering and remains an outstanding example of our drive to push the boundaries of what is possible in a watch. 

Expressions of beauty


101 reine


101 Bangle


101 snowdrop


101 feuille



A modern expression of femininity

The Calibre 101 was designed to redefine women’s luxury watches, to create timepieces that blend intricate, precision watchmaking techniques with the radiant beauty of high jewellery. Since 1929, the collection has pushed the boundaries of modern, sophisticated and truly elegant timepieces.

New aesthetic realm

The exceptionally small size of the Calibre 101, and its unique shape, gave our master craftsmen and women greater creative freedom than ever before. Unrestrained by size they could create timepieces that blended the best of high jewellery watches with precision time keeping.


A shimmering array of gems

Our gem-setters meticulously craft each bracelet in the collection. Using our signature Griffe setting technique in the Métiers Rares Atelier, they allow the highest quality diamonds to sparkle and shine. The sides of every case are decorated with artistic engraving, adding an artistic flair and subtle detail to every piece in the collection. 

The 101 is truly remarkable. It remains the smallest mechanical calibre ever made, opening up exciting new possibilities to create exquisite, intricate high jewellery timepieces.

— Lionel Favre, Head of Design

Created for timeless style

Our in-house artistic team takes a jewellery-led approach to create pieces of timeless style and sophistication. This approach ensures that every timepiece in the collection is a work of art, stunning in its beauty and an expression of refined elegance.


Born from the duoplan calibre

The Duoplan Calibre served as the inspiration for the later Calibre 101. Watchmakers had endeavoured to create small, elegant timepieces for women, however traditionally smaller mechanisms meant sacrificing precision. 


Miniature yet powerful

The exceptional Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101 has stood the test of time and fashion and is always designed to be unmistakeably feminine. First introduced in 1929, the Calibre 101 revolutionised watchmaking, creating a new aesthetic realm of excellence. The collections minuscule size and baguette shape reaffirm the unique alliance between high jewellery and fine watchmaking made possible by this exceptional mechanism.

Made in our Manufacture

From its calibre to its case, every calibre 101 is designed, manufactured and assembled by Jaeger-LeCoultre since 1929. Our obsession with quality is renowned as Jaeger‑LeCoultre luxury watches undergo a strict testing before leaving our Manufacture.

Warranty and Care

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Up to 8 years of warranty
Up to 8 years of warranty
Discover the Jaeger-LeCoultre Care Program and extend your warranty up to 8 years.
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After-sales services
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