of Master Extreme

A thirst for adventure

The Master Extreme collection exists in three different universes: Extreme LAB, Master Compressor and Deep Sea. Each has its own personality. All these watches are both elegant and refined, but clearly cut out for adventure.

Climbing for history

In 2009, three great mountaineers accepted a challenge that has gone down in history. 

Accompanied by two renowned Sherpas named Apa Sherpa and Little Karim, Swiss explorer Stéphane Schaffter undertook the ascent of a hitherto unconquered Himalayan peak. To achieve what some said could not be done, he naturally chose the Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 to brave the elements with him. 

Profoundly moved when they finally reached the summit, the three climbers christened the peak "Mount Antoine LeCoultre". A truly fine tribute to the Manufacture's founder.